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Recovery refers to techniques and actions taken to maximize your body’s repair. Recovery is multifaceted and encompasses more than just muscle repair. Recovery involves chemical and hormonal balance, nervous system repair, mental state, and more. Find out more


Mobility is defined as the ability to move or be moved freely and easily. Increased mobility can improve the range of motion of our joints and muscles. It can assist in improving our posture. Mobility training can alleviate every day aches and pains as well as improve our body awareness. Find out more

What we do

  • Fascial Stretch Therapy™(FST™)
  • Sport Soft Tissue Therapy(SSTT)
  • Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)
  • Deep Tissue Therapy
  • Dynamic Cupping Therapy
  • Youth Sports Massage
  • Rocktape® Movement Taping

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Welcome - Move better, live better

Musculoskeletal disorders are the leading cause of global disability. We go to extreme efforts to look after our tangible assets. Yet, collectively, we completely ignore our most valuable asset and resource, our body. The human body is subject to wear and tear regardless of activity level.  Physical exertion and muscle fatigue may come in the form of athletic training or it may be part of your everyday lifestyle. Fascial Stretch Therapy(FST) and Sports Soft Tissue Therapy(SSTT) can play a significant role in minimizing chronic imbalances or injuries and promoting muscular recovery time – both of which provide any athlete and any active individual the edge they need to compete more effectively or get through the daily routine we call life.

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RPMotion Therapy is an independent, one of a kind clinic founded in 2007.

Clients Testimonials

Ali is completely amazing. Her depth of knowledge coupled with her skill makes for an incredible experience. One session and my quality of life is so much better!! Amazing results

Lora B.

JUST A QUICK RECOMMENDATION- at 51 I still play hockey - still snowboard Still take way too many falls and spills - i am generally banged up And I’m tight - even with yoga and pre game stretching I have tight hips and Hammies Alison has done 3 fascial stretching massage sessions And I’ve had some cupping and cbd massage oil - I CAN NOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW MUCH RELIEF THE STRETCHING GIVES MY HIP AND BACK - for days after I’m totally free of any tightness - and I’m able to add to the flexibility with stretches Alison has prescribed If you feel tight , if you are an athlete, there is really no better way to enhance your performance than the fascial stretching - Alison has made a tremendous difference in just 3 sessions . Thanks RPMOTION.....

Kirk E.

Rose is amazing! She really listens to you and looks at your body as a whole connected unit instead of just trying to heal the one spot that hurts. Each session she digs deeper into what your body needs and constantly evaluates to make sure what she's doing is working! Highly recommend!

Jamie R.

Alison was amazing! I live in Arizona and live a very stressful entrepreneur life plus have toddlers. My stress built up to the point where my muscles spazzed out and I just learned to live with the pain day after day, despite it keeping me from doing many things with my kids. On a quick trip to Frederick, I got a session from Alison and she knew where my pain was and helped to loosen muscles that have been in a knot for years. I know that if I was able to go regularly, I would feel like a whole new person with out chronic pain. I definitely recommend going to see her if you have pain that you are living with. She's amazing!

Sarah M.

Staff is friendly and professional. They have done a great job in helping me stay mobile throughout race prep and helping me recover from workout related injuries.

David N.

Rose is great. Coming from a fitness background I was very impressed with her ability to methodically breakdown my structural imbalances from biking and quickly work to correct them. After 5 visits I'm already back to doing exercises that before I only able to do in pain.

Carlo A.